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Some of the services offered by Wickfords

Plumbing Services - From


We offer plumbing services from blocked drains to leaking faucets.

Electrical Services


We do electrical installations and solar connections as well as complete house wiring. 



We specialize in timber frame construction but also do renovations. Please contact us for a quote.



If you are looking for a new kitchen or built-in cupboard you are welcome to give us a call. All kitchen cupboards come with adjustable feet and BLUM, GRASS or FIT hardware. Worktops range from Melamine to Silestone.

Solar & Back-up Systems


R69 995

Tired of sitting in the dark? Our starter pack back-up system can provide electricity for up to 4 hours - usage dependent.

Depending on your needs we can provide systems for back-up to complete off-grid solutions with solar & wind power. Generators can be added as an option.  Click on the above link for more information.

Decking - From


Looking for a place to spend those lazy summer evenings with a nice firepit to sit around or  an extension of your existing veranda? 
We can supply it all. Wood types vary from treated pine to Rhodesian teak. 

Innovative Construction

At WICKFORDS we aim to stay at the forefront of new technologies, building methods and innovations. As we specialize in timber frame, we want to bring the future into today's homes by incorporating modern technologies for easier living. 
All our homes have the following installed as standard:
- Integrated Vacuum Cleaner
- CAT6 Network Points to al Rooms
- Pellet Burner Stove (Hot Water)
- Solar Panel for Hot Water
- Solar Panels & Backup System for Electricity Outages
- Hot Water Storage Tank (Connected to stove & solar)
- uPVC Doors & Windows (Rehau Profiles)
- JG Speedfit Plumbing (50 year warranty)
- JG Speedfit Under Floor Heating (50 year warranty)
- Point of Entry Water Filtration System
- Drinkwater Filtration System - Optional
- Appliances in Kitchen

All the above items are carefully selected from reliable suppliers and come with the full warranty. If however you want to have us build your house without all or any of the above you are more than welcome to contact us.

JG Speedfit Pipes & Fittings

We only use JG Speedfit pipes and fittings for all our plumbing and underfloor heating systems. They are manufactured in the UK and guaranteed for 50 years.

Target Market
Our Wickfords homes are not targeted at a specific market segment as they  can easily be modified. There are a few construction items that are not negotiable for structural integrity but most fittings and finishings can be changed.

If however if we have to pick a target market it will be for either the tech savvy generation or for people who want to retire in a no fuss easy to clean and very low maintenance property. 


Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Construction is by far the least intrusive construction method. By making use of our foundation system, we can erect a standard size house - 200m² - within 8 - 12 weeks. All the timber is sourced from sustainable forests and is treated against insect and fungal attack.
The insulation used is from recycled PET bottles and is non combustable. A finished house is 85% recyclable and has a negative carbon footprint.


Solar Solutions

Solar power is a great investment that will pay for itself and will ensure a sustainable living environment for future generations.

Together with Journey2Green we provide customized solar solutions that is tailored to each client's energy needs.

Whether you are on a farm or have an office park - there is a solution for your energy needs


uPVC Doors & Windows

Rehau - a German company - has been in the uPVC business for a long time. They specialize in the manufacturing of uPVC extrusions which are used in modernday doors and windows. These doors and windows offer a high R-value and virtually no maintenance. They will not discolour, rust or warp even in our South African sun.  The wide selection of window types makes this the obvious choice in any home.
Optional flyscreens can be added to all doors and windows to keep those pesty insects out in summer time.

Plumbing & Heating Pipe

JG Speedfit system:

All our plumbing and heating systems are done with JG Speedfit pipe and connections. These come with a 50 year warranty and as they are installed with the minimum tools and come in long lengths, the installation time is about 60% faster than the use of conventional copper.

They are also much easier to fix should a leak occur. JG Speedfit is manufactured in the UK and carries the SABS as well as the British Kite mark.

Under Floor Heating

JG Speedfit UFH

The JG Speedfit under floor heating system is installed under the final layer of flooring. This can be carpet, wood, tiles or vinyl. Temperatures are controlled via a thermostat but can also be controlled wirelessly via an APP.

Heat is supplied by the solar panels connected to the storage unit during summer and by a pellet stove connected to the storage unit during winter. An optional element can be added should one want to use electricity.

Stoves & Hot Water Systems

Hot Water & Heating

The imported Italian pellet stove will supply all the heat for hot water and heating during the cold winter months. As the stove has a built-in timer it can start and stop the fire as and when needed.
The integrated boiler will heat up the storage tank that in turn will supply the hot water for the under floor heating, kitchen and bathrooms. These pellet stoves are 85 - 95% efficient and use less fuel than a conventional fire place.


Integrated Vacuum System

With the integrated vacuum system it will be a breeze to clean your house. With the motor located in the garage, there is no noise and unlike a normal vacuum cleaner that only filters the air, all the dust is extracted to the outside of the house. With the handy vacpan even sweeping is made easy. By simply flicking the switch with your foot, all the dirt can be swept into the opening where it is sucked away to the dust container. Hoses come in different lengths and there is a variety of attachments available.


Network System

Seeing that all new technology can be networked we decided to make a Wickfords House future proof by installing a network point to every room in the house. A fixed cable network is more reliable than a wireless system and there are no radiowaves to interfere with anything. By incorporating this it is much easier to for instance do home automation or stream movies to different areas of the house.


Harvey Roof Tiles

Harvey EcoTile® is a proudly South African, revolutionary breakthrough in roof tiles. By utilising 98% waste material including plastics, Harvey EcoTile® is 100% recyclable yet provides superior functional benefits to concrete, steel or clay roof tiles.
Harvey EcoTile’s® technological design advantage ensures an interlocking, lightweight tile that is maintenance free, weatherproof and virtually unbreakable in normal use. 



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